Sales vs Marketing – B2B Experience

AND what does customer experience really look like for B2B companies?


Customer experience is relatively new battleground for B2B companies. its scope and relevance are not purely restricted to the narrow field of digital engagement immediately around the purchase: it affects the entire sales cycle, before need has even been identified, and long after the cheque has been signed. As we know, this is likely to be a matter of years, touching many different individuals.

Now b2b service providers update their marketing channel and model, which challenges the traditional model to marketing and sales, creating a collaborative marketing and sales strategy that creates a cohesive and smooth customer journey. B2B Sites like Alibaba or Bizbangladesh offer marketing channel like B2B Business Directory, B2B Trade Zone and B2B Product Zone etc.

It’s true that sales and marketing work hand in hand in almost the same way, but they still got dissimilar definitions. For business owners, in taking note of the differences, they can easily move toward both areas smoothly. Particularly for b2b (business to business) firms, the entire selling process would be tough to materialize if not business appointments are completed in order to contact the prospects.

Only half of B2B marketers have mapped the experience that their customers will have with their organization, and only one in five have actually determined what it should look like at each stage. This means most brands have no idea what customers are experiencing at different points in this complex service, and whether this is good, bad or downright ugly.