MIOPS Capsule360 Gives Cameras Flexible Moves

Camera motion systems introduce slick movements for video, time-lapse,and stills — but camera trigger company Miops is hoping to introduce a motion control box with a lot of versatility for the compact size. The Miops Capsule360 is a three-axis camera control system with slide, pan,and tilt along with a number of smart features with smartphone control. Object tracking allows the motion box to keep the subject in the frame, including tracking stars for sharper still photos of stars. The Capsule 360 also has built-in time-lapse modes and panoramas.

The motion system works with SLRs and mirror less cameras as well as smartphones and action cameras. Accessories expand the system even more, including creating a turntable for creating 360 models of products and a video slider.

Miops is asking the Kickstarter community to help fund the Capsule360’s production and has already doubled the campaign’s original goal. If the manufacturing and shipping are successful, the Capsule360 can be picked up for pledges starting at $179.