Jute, Raw Jute and Jute Packaging Products

Because of more eco friendly emerging minds across the world, natural jute raw jute or jute fiber are becoming increasingly popular as jute is considered as one of the most eco friendly fabrics in the textile industry. Supermarkets and businesses are now getting the message of eco movement.  Jute made agricultural packaging bags, which are known as Jute Sack or Sacking Bags, Gunny bags, Burlap bags or Jute Hessian Bags are eco friendly option which is Biodegradable and Reusable too.

Jute yarn and jute twine use for making natural jute bags, carpet industry, cable industry and for other multiple usages. Because of its softness and good tying qualities jute twine is a great packaging material for all items. The overall strength of jute is impressive and makes for excellent packaging material and construction material. You can also create durable clothing and other items without fear of breakage.

A jute bag can help you make a creative fashion statement for your business or wherever you go. You will stand out as an earth friendly, fashion forward trendsetter. You can take your bag to the beach, the library, or a nice restaurant. Bring one along for your next power shopping trip to the mall.

Use jute bag and raw jute made products and do your bit for the environment. With a wide variety of bags available in jute, cloth and cotton, you will be spoilt for choice. From small jute bag to big packaging bag, we can use jute bags everywhere.

Jute is attributed as a part of ancient Bengali culture. It’s a soft and shiny fiber that looks a lot like a hemp plant when it is growing. Jute began to be exported to Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Actually, one of the cheapest natural materials, it is only second to cotton in terms of uses. Check details About Jute & What is JUTE.