Jute Export Dealer BestJute.com, Focuses on Escalating Global Fiber Trend

Jute, one of the most valuable natural resources of Bangladesh, has taken the world by storm. The vegetable fiber is getting a lot of attention for being a sustainable and eco-friendly natural material for a number of products, including jute bags as the most popular.

A jute is a rain-fed crop which is cultivated mainly in the Bengal Delta, most of which is occupied by Bangladesh. Jute fibers are extracted from plants through various stages such as retting, stripping, washing and drying. The colors of jute vary from light tan to brown, but can be easily bleached or dyed to befit any product that can be made from it.BestJute.com is a company that manufactures a variety of jute products such as jute hessian cloths, jute twine, jute table mats, jute shopping bags, jute hand bags and other jute products around the world in Bangladesh and exports them everywhere else in the world. As one of the leading global jute export dealer, the company also offers jute sacks and jute yarn.

Poly and paper-made products such as bags are essentially non-biodegradable and requires trees in large quantities, making them harmful to the environment. Natural jute products, on the other hand, are preferred for fashion and promotional bags and other products over conventional options because of their eco-friendly properties.

Bangladesh, which produces the finest quality natural jute fibre, offers jute bags in neutral and earthy colors like olive green and different shades of white, which make their way into almost every nature lovers’ home. Jute is also an integral component of home decor and wedding fabrics.

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